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" Created by the clinicians, for the clinicians "


Simplify, speed up and standardize health care professionals workflow

Simplify and Speed Up

Just click the answers on the form to get text for use in medical record.


Condition-specific questions serves as checklists.


Optimize Workflow

Define generic diagnostic or treatment pathways to optimize workflow.

Workplace Well-being

Clear guidelines, which are made together, provides uniform methods and supports co-operation.

Use It Anywhere

Medioid works in browser so it can be used anywhere - not related to patient record data.

Easy and Simple to Use

Just drop the elements - no technical skills required.

Mobile friendly

Use Medioid to ease up your work also in home care.

" We created Medioid to serve the needs in our daily problems "

Making AI Made Easy

Making your own helping Medioid form is as easy as counting 1-2-3 and drag and drop



Define the questions that are essential in the specific condition - ie: age, gender, presence of particular symptom, signs of alarm... Then just simple drop those elements in form with the Input Editor. 



Define what is typed out when the question is answered easily in the next step with Output Editor.



Define easily with the Algorithm Editor what should be guided when the particular conditions are met - confim ready-made algorithms visually with generated flowchart.


Edit, comment, activate

When the created Medioid form is ready, you can release it to you collaborator to be edited and commented - and finally activated when accepted. Medioid form is saved and published in your private landing page and you can always move between steps later.

" Building up things together brings us all closer together "

Multiple Usage Possibilities

You can use Medioid forms for example *:



Create symptom based checklists and create instructions for every scenario to direct patient to the care needed


Preliminary measures

Create instructions what laboratory tests or questionary could be taken before doctor appointment


Text generator

In fixed settings for example in routine check ups, generate text for medical record simply and quickly by clicking.


Calculator forms

Use Medioid to do often used calculations such as average of blood pressure or glucose measurements with our custom build service to serve your needs.

" Every clinic have their own methods and regulations so one size does not fit all "


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Medioid FAQ

Medioid is a browser-based service, that allows you to easily create and use web forms. You can define the questions, answers and the outcome of the clicked answers on the form. It then creates a copyable text based on those outcomes. Furthermore you can create a algorithm that defines the another outcome text (for example instructions what to do) based on how you have answered (ie. have you clicked yes or no in question 1 and yes or no in question 2).

Medioid is not related to your health record software (nor the patient identity data) at all. It works in every browser.

Medioid is perfect for non-techies as you can do all visually just by dropping the elements. We give you good orientation and provide support for you in every case.

Naturally we can do custom made forms for you also when needed. We can also do some more complex forms that need´s some calculation features as well.

The created forms are automatically available (after you have activated it) and ready to use in your landing page (in our safe and fast servers: under defined category and with automatically created navigation bar.

You can specify who can use and see your forms (freely available, available by log in and/or by your institute IP address).

When the forms is used and filled, it saves nothing on to the databases. It only does the tasks you have created (creates text and instruction text). It is not related to your health record software (nor the patient identity data) at all.  

You have your own admin panel where you can easily manage all your forms (and categories) and make as many forms (and categories) as you want. Forms are saved there and are editable also in future.

You can control who have rights to do specific tasks by define their role (for example form creator, form activator, form commentator, form user...).

Good form making needs teamwork and experience in the field you are going to implement it. One scenario could be that doctors and nurses thinking together how to create instructions to guide patient to some preliminary measures or does patient need urgent attention by doctor.

You start by thinking the situation in hand and what are the questions that provides you the information you need to proceed to some instructions. It often contains specific questions such as: "Do you have this symptom?" or "Do you have that alarming condition?".

Then you define the phrases to answer options you have created to make text ("30 year old female. Symptoms of UTI, no alarming signs present").

Finally you define the algorithm, i.e is some condition present or not and is there some alarming conditions present. Then you give the instruction to that situation ("No need for doctor appointment, make a request of antibiotic to doctor".

You can add as many scenarios as you want and they are created with simple condition terms (EQUAL TO, HIGHER THAN, SMALLER THAN, AND, OR). You also see a flowchat of your algorithm to confirm your scenario.

After making you form, you can send it to your peers for commentery and when it´s ready, you then accept it in use. 

- Altering the representation of data for embellishment purposes (data parsing/word processing)
- Provide generic diagnostic or treatment pathways 


Medioid is almost ready for you.
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